Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Week as a District Leader!

¡Hello family and friends and such!
I hope that everyone had a good week!
This was a looooooooong week for me. Weeks of changes honestly blow. I was thrown around like a rag doll on Wednesday because there was horrible communication from the secretaries to the zone leaders. So, I literally did nothing all day that day until they finally told me that I was just going to stay the night at their house. Thursday was a madhouse for me as soon as I got the the airport. Two of the Elders in my district are training new missionaries this transfer, so they had to go to Cochabamba to pick up their "kids". Well, the secretary who is in charge of buying the plane tickets somehow forgot to put the two trainers in my district on the flight to Sucre with the rest of us. Soooo, I was on the phone with my zone leaders in Sucre figuring how to deal with two newbies who didn't know their areas. Luckily, because that same secretary forgot to buy other elders in Sucre their plane tickets to Tarija, we were able to work out how to get the new kids to their house in Sucre.
My area is called Santo Domingo 1. It's part of a ward that just got upgraded from a branch literally a month ago. I went from my area in Punata, which was completely flat, to a city that is literally built on hills and has absolutely no flat areas. My legs honestly hurt a little. But my area is full of dirt roads and cholitas, just like my past three areas, so not a lot of things have changed. Looks like my little knowledge of the language Quechua will still be useful out here. My area is really thin, but we also have some outlying neighborhoods that we work in as well.
Well, for those of you who want to know, my responsibilities are the following:
  1. Do exchanges with ALL of the missionaries in my district.
  2. Pay for the pensions(our cooks) and for the rent.
  3. Do all of the baptismal interviews.
  4. Take care of the health of the missionaries in my district. 
  5. Teach a class once a week to my district.
  6. Take responsibility for emergencies that happen.
  7. Report the weekly numbers of my district.
That's all. Plus I have to work normally, so once in a while I will have no time for anything at all.
Dad- Air show sounds awesome. Sorry it got rained out. I'll go with you next year, and we'll chill all day! have a good week at work. I'm sorry about your friend passing away.
Mom- I traveled by plane, not by bus, so I was pretty safe, don't worry. ;) Have a good week!
ALy-Have fun with SOAR this week! Have fun and it'll be less stressful. Have a good week!
Emi- Good luck on your tests this week! Have a good time and study hard!
¡Hasta luego!
Elder Craig

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