Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Twas the week of Christmas (the last in Bolivia!)

Well, Happy Christmas to everyone back home!....well
belated-Christmas, but I couldn't write you guys yesterday, so it'll
have to do.

So, this week wasn't really exciting...except Christmas day, when I
got to talk with the family that I have!!!! It was really cool to see
their faces after almost 14 months...which is crazy that it's been
that long.

We also this week had a ward Christmas talent show. We as the
missionaries prepared a skit called "The Toilet Paper Skit", which is
basically a skit where a king is looking for paper to go to the
bathroom, and ends up`searching(and executing) a bunch of people
before he finally finds it and runs to the bathroom. It was pretty
hilarious! We also were able to get 5 new investigators from that
event. It really brings results if you take your non-member friends to
ward activities, because we as missionaries can take advantage and
teach them right there in the chapel, and/or get references for
another day.

We also had a Christmas party with our Mission President on Thursday,
which was fun. As a zone we performed a couple of skits and sang a
Christmas carol(popular this time of year). But the coolest part of
the evening for me was when we watched a movie called "17 miracles".
It is a super cool movie about 17 miracles(obviously) that happened to
the early Saints as they made their way to Utah in the 1800's. Sadly,
I didn't see all of it, because I had to travel. But from what I did
see, I totally recommend that you all look it up.

It's really sad that this was my last Christmas here on the mission,
but it was good to really remember the reason for the season. I hope
that you all kept that in your hearts yesterday. And also, as this
year spins to a close, I hope you all make New Year's resolutions that
really stick and help you make the necessary changes in your lives.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

For the last time in 2011, this is Elder Craig signing out.


Elder Craig

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello family and friends on this last week before Christmas!!!

I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week! Mine was better than last week, and that's always good, right? I would like to think so.

So this week, for the first time since the end of June, I was able to go to the Temple in Cochabamba. What an experience! I had missed going to the temple, and boy was it awesome! It is such a spiritual place, and I LOVE it everytime that I get the chance to go. For those of you who can go, and haven't gone in a while, I strongly suggest that you GO. I say that because I love you all.! :)

This week, my companion and I really focused in on knocking doors to try and find new people...and boy, is it tough out here. We literally spent  days knocking doors, and only three news to show for it. But, they are great investigators(one came to church on Sunday), so I'm liking quality over quantity right now. Two of the news are relatives of some less-active members that we decided to contact, and they are progressing pretty well so far, but we will see where it goes from here.

You know, this is a special time of year, one that these days people mix up the reasons. Most think in the commercial Christmas, with Santa Claus, reindeer, mistletoe, and such, but that, unfortuanately, is not the "reason for the season". It really is a time for family, friends, and all types of people to get together and remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and also show how much they love one another. Sadly, this is my first and last Christmas here in Bolivia. I love sharing the Gospel with these people, and so this is good for me to remember my Master and Lord, whom I have the privilege to serve. I hope everyone of you has an amazing Christmas, and that you remember Christ, your family, and your favorite missionary in Bolivia.

I love you! Merry Christmas!

Elder Craig

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello from the new area!

Hey, everyone!

I hope that you all had a great week! To be honest mine was pretty stressful... but don't worry, I'm still happy!

So, I left Tarija on Wednesday, which was one of the saddest days of my mission to date. I left and things were sad...many of us were crying when we left. I will miss that place.

But...I have a new adventure here in Cochabamba! Well, not really Cochabamba, but close enough. I am in a small town called Punata (my area officially is called Punata 1) and it's about an hour away from the city, so it means a very long drive for P-day (if we aren't slowed down like today) and for zone meetings. Imagine Saint George or Brenham in Bolivia, and you'll kinda get the idea. It's a cool little town, but it has a big problem. About every 3 houses there is a place called a chicheria( a place where all they sell is chicha, a fermented corn drink...nasty, huh?), so that makes it almost impossible to knock doors. This is totally different than my last area in Tarija, where I could go knock doors like crazy and not have to worry about that. So, we have to work mainly off of references, which also is something that I'm not used to. But, the ward is good, but it's not very big.

I live in probably one of the nicest houses in the mission. I live in the 4th story of a pad complex (it's way cooler than an apartment). It's pretty awesome because I finally have a kitchen again! And a private place to wash laundry. And a place for all the other elders in the house(including my companion) to play a prank on me to welcome me. Don't worry, it was harmless...they just convinced me that the house was haunted(a true mission rumor), then did stuff to really convince me. It was hilarious, and they asked for forgiveness afterwards. And exercizing my Christlike attributes, I forgave them. It was pretty funny. The other elders I live with are Elder Huber (from my group) and Elder Nieve (the district leader from Argentina).

My companion is Elder Leon from Guayaqui, Ecuador (which according to Elder Huber doesn't exist). He's pretty cool. He's a ex-metal head(he says only for the mission), and loves rock and metal. But, he's had a rough time with his first two companions. His trainer didn't train him at all(he was going home in one transfer), and his second companion didn't want to work. So....the President gave him me and said "Good Luck!"...just kidding. But, we're really excited to work together, because we get along really well. It's gonna be a fun time together.

Dad- Well, It's actually cold here, so it feels like Christmas. But, I'll do another snow dance just for you!

Mom- Well, sounds like you're really busy. Thanks for the pic, you guys look good!

Aly- Well, the interview process sounds like it's not fun. Just put on a good song, and it'll all go well. Luv ya!

Emi- Well, with that solo, looks like you have a lot to live up to. YOU CAN DO IT! ;)

Well, until next week!

Elder Craig

Friday, December 2, 2011

Waaaaasssssssup????? (received 11-28-11)

Hey everyone back home!
Man, what a week! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I had a great week here! We finally had baptisms too! And pictures (finally I didn’t get a horrible computer…very common here.) so all y’all can see!
So, some disappointing news. We have to amazing investigators, a brother and sister, Juan Pablo and Jimena, who really really want to get baptized in the Church. The problem is that their parents belong to two different churches, and they’ve been fighting for years to try to get their kids to go to church with them, but they haven’t been able to do it because they (the kids) don’t like their churches. But, now, they have found the truth, and the parents don’t really like it. So, please keep your fingers crossed so we can get the permission from the parents to baptize their children, this is something that we really want for these kids.
But, good news! Yeni Mendoza and Luz Maria Chipana are now members of the Church! They were baptized on Saturday, and all went well! Well, for the most part. Almost all of the members that we invited didn’t show up at all, which was really disappointing. It also meant that we didn’t really have anybody there to see the baptism. Not even their families came. But, there was a Primary activity in the church, so we had a bunch of little kids and their teachers in the room for the baptism. Then, when we went to perform the ordinance, the water was too hot!(First time that that’s happened on my mission) So, I went out side and drained a bunch of the water while my companion added a bunch of cold water, so the water was bearable. But all in all, it was a successful baptism. Then on Sunday(ayer), they were on time in the chapel for their confirmations. So, we are super content with the work we did. They will be good members.
My Thanksgiving was an ok day. Yes, I had pie, but later I was sick at home and we only left for our most important appointments.
Dad- Hope the snow is treating you well! Have an amazing week!
Mom- Congrats on your office! Have an amazing week!
Aly-Glad you have a “cute” apartment? *cough, cough* Hope all goes well with work this week!
Emi(Meemerz!)- Sounds like you had a busy week! Keep it up! It’ll be Christmas vacation before you know it!
That’s it for now. This is Elder Craig, live from Bolivia.


Elder Craig