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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New companion, new changes (9/26)

So, hello everyone.
First of all, I really want to apologize for that picture last week. I didn't see the hand in the back, and I feel really bad that you all saw that....and I am really embarassed to tell you that I know who it is. But that's enough on that.
Ok, so this week has been a CRAAAAZY(with all caps again) week. My companion and I just got out there and started to knock all the doors we could, and our agendas started filling up with so many citas that we had to start telling people "Sorry, we can't Sunday, we're booked all day...can we come by another time?". It's been a good crazy, and I haven't had this much work in a while, so it feels really good, although I'm exhausted. But, don't worry, I like it, cause we're really working hard to try and help the people here all that we can.
Soo, we've got some really awesome things going for us here, We have, in our ward, 9 baptisms for the 8th of October, 4 which are mine and my companion's, and 5 of the other pair of missionaries in our ward. We also have a massive activity that we're doing with the ward missionaries on the 7th. And on top of that we have to get investigators to Conference this week and get them not to drop their baptismal dates.
We have many awesome investigators right now, one of which is the little brother of a recent convert whose mom doesm't  want him to have anything to do with the Church....that will be a huge hurdle to leap over, but we've got faith we can do it.
That's all the time we have for this week....
Dad- I hope the job search is going well....I like the new helmet and goggles you got. Looks like to me you're ready for ski too. ;)
Mom- That's a total bummer that you're going to miss Conference....but I know good things will come from this conference you're going to.
Aly- You are still super cool to me! You're a dork, and that's what makes you awesome!
Emi- Have an amazing week! Don't do anything too dumb! :)
Until next week(My eleven month anniversary!!!!)

Elder Craig

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