Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Workin' hard in Bolivia!

Hey everyone back in the US, Chile, Argentina, and elsewhere!

I hope that you all had  a great week. This past week for me was awesome! My companion and I had huge success....but with success comes some difficulties.

So, we finally had a lesson again with Jesus, Carla, and Dorian( they are the 3 college students that we're teaching, if you didn't remember) and we were chatting with them and Carla mentioned that they had recently gotten out of family problems, and so we asked if it was anything that we could help with....and so she told us. Carla is pregnant, and her whole family just about had a heart attack. So, we changed our lesson plan and taught the group about the law of chastity and repentance. It was a very spiritual lesson, because since the beginning we've felt like there was something blocking us getting to know Carla to be able to really teach her, and now we know and we are able to reach out to her and be able to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to her life.
Progress is coming, I can feel it.

We also went out teaching with our pensionista and boy, did we do a lot of contacts! And the majority of them were in Quechua. It was cool because I understood the jist of about half of what they were saying. We were also able to contact a family that lives a bit aways from the church that sometimes go to another ward because its cheaper for them(they only take one bus when to get to our church from where they live it takes two), and we now have a service project to help them out with next week- Building a bathroom! That'll be lots of fun, let me tell you.

I also had leadership training this past week. It was actually a really good conference because we had lots of classes that taught us things that will really improve my teaching as a missionary, and that things that I am now teaching to my district. Things are looking good for my district, cuz we have lots of baptismal date lined up for next weekend.

Dad- Happy Father's Day! It sounds like you had an amazing day. Hope work is treating you well. Have a great week.

Mom- Yeah, we hear weird healing stuff like that too here, so it's pretty common. And yes, I had a bruise from that shot to the head. Have a great week!

Aly- I had PIE this week! A member made it for a lunch that we had with we had pie at the same time! That makes me happy. Have a great chill week at work!

Emi- Hope summer vacation is going well! Don't kill anyone in Driver's ED, work hard at work, and don't get grounded. ;)

That's all for now!(I have pics, but the freakin' USB ports don't work on this comp. :P )


Elder Craig

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