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Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hello everyone!

Yes, it is P-Day again. And I am writing from the land of Bolivia!

So, we started this past week by playing a game of soccer(futbol) and we had a ton of fun. We rented this cancha(turf field) and played for two hours against another zone. I played hard, and that was a HUGE mistake....I was really really sore for the rest of the week! Hahaha.Then I went to the grocery store to buy my breakfasts for the month. This month´s choice of cereal- Chocopics, a Hispanic chocolate cereal.I think it´s pretty good.

Tuesday wasn´t that exciting, but we did have our weekly district meeting.

Wednesday was a long day. It was my first zone conference( I only have about 7more) and it lasted ALL day pretty much.. We got out at about 4 and that didn´t leave a ton of time to do any work, but we did some anyways. Our zone conference was about several things. We talked about finding new investigators, asking good questions during lessons, and some other things that I can´t remember. It was really good, though, and everything went really well.

Thursday was a just a normal day. About half of our citas (appointments) fell through, so we spent a good time knocking on doors, without a ton of success. Friday, was a crazy day. We were freaking out the entire day(my companion and I) about a baptismal interview that we were supposed to have that evening....and it didn´t fall through!!! It was the hermana whose interview fell through three times last week. She was early to her interview too! And that´s wierd for Bolivianos. But after the interview, there was only one problem...the Mission President wanted to talk with her on Sunday during church. That means that there could be no way that she could be baptized on Saturday. So, my companion and I were a bit disappointed.
But, on Saturday, after our appointments, we went and cleaned the pila(baptismal font) because we knew that if the President ok´d it, we could baptize her on Sunday after church. And....WE DID! I included some pics of the baptism.

So, the week ended really well. Also, for the past three days, we´ve had rain in the morning, and on Friday, we had a huge front come in( I included a pic of it....Dad, I thought you might like to see it.)

Mom- Thanks for the letter. I´m glad to hear you´re doing well. Glad business is good.

Dad- Hope you had a good week. Good luck with the Cert III stuff.

Aly- Thanks for the letter and the pics. Glad you´re doing well.

Emi- Have an awesome week!!!!

That´s all for now(folks!)

Elder Christian Craig

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