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Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy Week!

Wow, what a crrraaaazzzzyyyy week. I hope that everyone else had a more quiet and peaceful week than I had.

So, this week has been the week of intercambios(or exchanges). I started Tuesday with and exchange with my District Leader, Elder Capiona from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We worked together for 24 hours, and man, did I learn a lot. When we did our companionship study on Wednesday morning, he just tore me to pieces with how I was teaching.....but I feel like I´m a better teacher now. Then we worked all day Wednesday, but we had little success. Then Thursday and Friday I went on exchanges again....this time with and Elder from my group, Elder Hoffman. He´s super cool, and he´s from Texas too! He´s from the Dallas area, if you care at all. We were just together in the morning on Thursday, so we didn´t do much together. My companion and I spent the rest of the day going to citas and knocking on doors( we did a lot of that this week, all of which was sucked.  :(  ) But, Friday was a completely different story. This time we went and worked in his area. We just spent the afternoon knocking on doors....but we had much MUCH better results than my companion and I.

In just two hours of knocking on doors, we found 4 new investigadores and took down four more citas for the following week. We also got rained on really, really hard. Like Texas rain hard. I was COMPLETELY soaked, to the bone. But it was totally worth it.

Also, a missionary "died" this week, my good friend Elder Mendoza (Elder North´s comp. They both lived with us.) He left us on Monday evening to head for his last interview and such with the President. He was a good friend and teacher. I´m going to miss him.
Christian with Elder Mendoza

The new set of elders
And now Elder North has a new companion, Elder Ah Sue. Yes, he´s a gringo, and no, he isn´t asian. I know, weird. But he´s a super cool guy. And at home we call him  "¡Elder Ah Sue Madre!". It´s really funny, and he´s fun to have around.

Sorry that the letter is so short this week. I hope everyone has a good week.

Dad- I´m sorry that the Spring skiing is so bad....just do a snow dance, and all will be better. Heck, I´ll do one here in Bolivia for you.

Mom- Thanks for your email! I´m glad all is well. Have a good week!

Aly- Hope you had a good spring break, hope to hear from you soon!

Emi- Hey sis! Hope you had an awesome birthday! Have a good week.
Til next time!!


Elder Craig

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