Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, April 4, 2011

March 28, 2011

Well, hello from Cochabamba "Corazon de la Madre Tierra"! (The heart of mother earth)

Well, this past week was a good week! My companion and I worked really hard this week. We knocked on a lot of doors, but we had little, little success. But, we did the Lord´s work, and that´s what really counts, right?

So, Monday, we played soccer. And, boy, did we play. We (Zona Jaihuayco) played against the Zona Estaca Universidad (Which is where all of the asistants to the Mission President, and his secretaries work.). It was an awesome game. We blew the other zone out of the water(The score was 10-3). No, I didn´t score any goals. I stayed back and played defense, so I blocked a bunch of goal opportunities. And, it was raining the whole time, so all of us were soaked to the bone with freezing cold Bolivian rain(It rains here all of the time, especially right before now). We ended up just chilling at the apartment for the rest of the day just staying dry and eating Top Ramen. It was an awesome day. We then had a family home evening with a part member family, which was really cool. Tuesday we went and worked the area close to our house, but we had the feeling to head over to a part called Temple San Carlos( it´s called that because it´s kiddy corner to a Catholic Church called that) where we had a ton of investigators. Here´s what we learned: That a famliy containing two of our converts had moved away(without telling us), and that another one of our investigators wants to get married in the Church! She´s a super cool investigator who has a testimony and is ready to be baptized, but she lives with her fianceĆ©, so she can´t be baptized until she gets married....and they set their wedding date to be in June. Which means that I probably won´t be here. And that totally blows. But we´re going to continue teaching her( and her fianceĆ©) until they get married, so that they con get baptized right away! Then that night we had our weekly english class. And lately we´ve been having a group of non-member kids coming to the class. So, we finally got their information, and we´ve gotten citas to go teach them!!!! We´re super excited, because they all have some relation to the Church(like they live with a non-active member, or their aunt or uncle is a member, etc.) So, we´re really looking forward to teaching them. Wednesday we went to a dermatologist appointment for my companion( he has stretch marks on the inside of his legs....really weird), then we went and taught one of our best investigators, Dennis. He´s the son of my first convert, Delia. He´s super cool and is coming to all of the church activities and such. I think this week we´re going to challenge him to be baptized. The only thing is that he´s waiting to recieve an answer to know if the  Book of Mormon is true. And he´s been waiting for a while, so we´ve been praying super hard that he´ll get an answer. We also taught one of our investigators who lives by Templo San Carlos, and she´s waiting on her mom to return to get permission to be baptized. We´ve been waiting for at least three months for this to happen, so we´re going to pass by as often as we can to catch both parents there. Thursday was a busy day. We had our weekly planning session, then we went to work. We taught a non-active member, who told us she got driven away because of hypocrites in the Church. It´s always really sad to see someone driven away because of that. One important thing that we taught her was that the Church is perfect, but not it´s members. So, we´re working with her to get her back to church. Then we had a cita fall through, so we went knocking on doors.
We then got approached by a man who said he  was a member, but he was new to the area, and that his wife wasn´t a member, and that he wanted us to teach her!!!! We were soooo excited to get that reference! Then Friday was just a normal day, with sitas and such. Saturday was an unexciting until the evening, when Elder North(who lives with me) had his second baptism! It was a super cool experience. Always super spiritual at a baptism!

Ok, so, finally. Last night we found out our transfers.And.....I´m staying here in Petrolero for another transfer! My compi is going, though. He´s headed to a city as far south as you can go called Villazon. My new companion is going to be a gringo named Elder Hull.But it´s a weird situation.....we´re both senior companion. Yup, you read correctly. Both of us. My zone leader explained to me that when the President does that, that means one of us after this transfer is going to train a newbie, and the other one will become a secretary to the President.....yeah. So, it´ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Dad- Well, have fun skiing. Hope it´s an awesome week and such. Btw, to die as a missionary means to go home.

Mom- Glad all is well, have fun looking for someone for the office.

Aly- That sucks that USU lost....and that your bracket blew up in your face. Have a good week! Good luck on your tests! Ps- I never got your pics

Emi- Congrats on getting a job! I´m proud of you. Have a good week.
Good job with the percussion too!

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Craig

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