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Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Carnaval (and Mardi Gras)

Hello beloved family and friends!!!!!!!

Well, this wasn´t a very exciting week as far as weeks go. The only real exciting thing that happened this week is that I got sick....again. Yup, three weeks in a row this time. It really sucks. I went to the lab after being sick all morning and having stomach pain.
And the results that I got were that it was parasites, again. Soooo, I´m taking really strong meds right now, and I´m still on the infamous  "white diet" which means nothing but chicken, rice, potatoes, bread, no dairy, no beef, nothing fried, etc. etc. So, it´s super fun.

We did not have any baptisms this past week, but we do have one, possibly two for this upcoming Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that they come through because they´re really special to us. We did find a bunch of new investigadores this week, and so we´re starting to be really busy with them.

We also went to the temple- The first session after it was closed for cleaning! It was so awesome, and I really needed it. It´s such a blessing that we have a temple in our area. Not a lot of missionaries get to go for their two years, so I´m super grateful.

And now the Carnaval news......I´ve been chased down the street twice by kids with water balloons(that was during the week) and today we were headed here to the internet cafe.....and some girl in a van shot me in the face with a Super Soaker. So it´s starting to become really fun here. Because of Carnaval, we as missionaries won´t work today or tomorrow, because who´s going to listen to a bunch of missionaries during Carnaval. Plus we´re huge targets with our white shirts and ties.

Mom- I hope you had an awesome week!!! I love getting your emails.

Dad- Dude, I´m super jealous that you got waist deep powder!  I hope you keep getting teaching opportunities like that.

Aly- I´m glad all of your tests went well. I hope you have a ton of fun in Vegas!

Emi- I agree with dad, you´re out of shape....but that´s how´ll you´ll start the season, it´ll be totally different at the end of the season.
Have a good week.

Abuelita y Grandpa- Felicitaciones en su llamamiento! Quiero saber cuando saldran!

That´s all for now folks!


Elder Craig

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