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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, Cristo de Concordia

Well, hello to all, family and friends, from lovely Bolivia! I hope everyone had a good week, mine wasn´t very successful.....but this week will be much better!

Well, to start everything off, this week was transfers week, so it was a crazy week. Monday, since it was Elder Atencia´s P-day in Cochabamba, he wanted to go to the Cristo de Concordia, so we went....when at the same time we had members that wanted us to visit them at their jobs( I know, weird.) so that they could tell Elder Atencia goodbye. So we took a taxi up to the top of the Cristo, which turned out to be a ridiculously long drive because we climbed two mountains to get to the top. Once we were at the Cristo, we did the tourist thing of taking pictures and all that jazz. It was cool! The statue is SO HUGE! I felt really small next to it. But it was fun, and I can now say that I´ve been to the Cristo de Concordia. After that we RAN down the mountain(huge hill?) to catch a taxi to head to visit the members. That was a huge mistake! I´ve been sore all week from that.

We got down in fifteen minutes when it usually takes forty-five(No joke). Then we went and visited some members at their work...and they ended up giving us huge banana splits! For free! I wasn´t expecting that at all! We were super full after that. Then we ended up taking a bus to get back to our house, which turned out to be a MASSIVE mistake. We were on the bus for an hour and a half because it went through La Cancha, and traffic in there is horrible. We probably could have walked home faster. Well, when we eventually got home, we had to hurry and change our clothes because we were 15 minutes late for our Family Home Evening. We practically ran to the appointment. Everything else when well from there. We got home super exhausted. Tuesday we spent the day just teaching lessons, and Elder Atencia wanted to say goodbye to everyone else that he could, so we spent a lot of time doing that. That night our English class had about fifteen people in it, which was really cool. We had a lot of fun teaching that class, because we´re to the point where we´re having the students make sentances and all of that stuff. I also spent a lot of time helping kids understand their English homework, because the teachers down here do not teach English well at all. Wednesday was a loooong day because of transfers. My companion finally finished packing and everything that morning, then we had to go to the airport to go pick up my new companion. We ended up being at the airport for two hours because of a mix-up of one of the secretaries. But we finally got home, and we left to go show the area and go say goodbye(yup, still going) to more people. That night we dropped off Elder Atencia at the Temple(from there he went to Tarija, then to his destination at Villazon), and since then it´s been just me and Elder Hull. Thursday we hit the ground running with the work. It seemed like we were going to have a really good day, but appearances can be decieving. We had four citas that seemed solid, but two of them ended up falling through. So, we spent a lot of the day walking. Friday was a good day, though. We taught plenty of citas, and contacted a couple of people. That night we had our bi-weekly noche misional, where we played sharks and minnows, then shared a cool message about charity, and how it´s the pure love of Christ. Saturday was an interesting day. My companion woke up without a voice, so we called our mission mom, Hermana Tenorio, who then told me to call the doctor for an appointment. So, we ended up watching conference in two different stake centers because the appointment with the doctor was in another stake center than ours.

And we found out that he had larengitis (i´m not sure how to spell it), so we were restricted from going to Priesthood Session, and we were really bummed out. Sunday was actually a normal sunday because of the day of Peaton, which is the one day a year where they don´t drive cars in Bolivia, so they delayed showing conference until next Sunday, so I don´t know anything about what happened on Sunday in conference.

My new comp is really cool. He´s from Provo, and he has a real desire to work....which is what I really wanted from my next companion, so I´m super grateful.

Dad- Thanks for your email! It´s good to hear you´re doing well. Thanks for the advice.

Mom- Hope the business is going well! Have an amazing week!

Aly- I´m glad all went well on your tests! Thanks for the pics!

Emi- I´m so proud of you for getting that job! I want to see a pic!

Have an amazing week!

Elder Craig

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