Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, May 16, 2011

And so it begins.....Cambio nº 4!

Well, hello everyone(Everyone:"Hello, Elder!")

I hope everyone had a fantastic week, because mine was pretty good!

Well, this week started off with a good P-day, but it was kinda bittersweet. This was the last day for us to see a bunch of the members of the zone who were being shipped out to other areas, namely my district and zone leaders, and one of the members of my group that´s been with me forever, so it was sad to see them go. Luckily, I´ll see most of them at the temple this week. Then, one of the members of the ward invited us over for lunch, and she made me my favorite Bolivian dish for my birthday. It´s called Pique Macho. It´s a traditional Bolivian dish that starts with a base of steak fries, then pilled on top with ground beef, sausage, onions, a spicy pepper called coto, and topped off with ketchup and mayo. It sounds like a heart attack, because it is.....but it´s really good. So, be ready to have some when I come home. :) 

So, then we had English class the next night, and it was better than usual, because we had people actually show up( We haven´t had anyone for the past few weeks, which sucked.) So, one other crazy thing that happened is that my companion and I have a goal of finding 12 new people to teach every week, and this week the doors were not opening, needless to say, we were totally freaked out that we were not going to reach our goal. But, luckily, and patiently, we were able to reach the goal and not feel so stressed out. Then on Friday night, we had our bi-weekly "Noche Misional" or Missionary Night. What happens is that members of the ward, and investigators come to the church, and we play a couple of games, then give a spiritual message. This week was about  forgiving others. It was really cool, and well attended. And then on Sunday, we had the coolest thing happen. We have a reactivated member, and she´s married to this die-hard catholic man who wants nothing to do with the Church....¡and he came to church! It was so cool! The member was so excited, and she was telling me and my companion to invite him to Sunday school, and then to get a cita(which we got!) to teach him the Gospel. It´s really cool, and I hope good things come from it.

Dad- Have a great week. Hope you get super muddy mountain biking! Good luck with the doc appointment, too.

Mom- Glad to hear you´re super busy with work! Have an amazing week!

Aly- You should try going to bed I know you can do it!
Good luck with the job search!

Emi- Have fun with your band stuff this week! Enjoy it while you can.
P.S. I want a pic of you in your work uniform!

That´s all for now


Elder Craig

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