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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I got a Dr. Pepper!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a good week!. I was a good week for me.

So, Monday was a super-good p-day. We started the day off with going to play wallyball(volleyball with walls. It´s sick), where I did just ok. But it was fun anyways. Then Elder North and I went to go find a
new grocery store that´s supposed to be cheaper than the huge ones around town...and we found it! It´s called Que Barrato(How cheap), and it was pretty cool. I like it a lot....mainly because I found Dr. Pepper there! I was soooo stoked. It´s been six months since I´ve had one, and it tasted soo good!

But then we went back home where my comp Elder Hull was feeling pretty sick, so we stayed in the apartment for the rest of the night, which sucked because we had a family home evening that we missed out on. Then the next night in our English class, we had ten people! That´s a lot because we usually only have three or four people show up, so we were super stoked to teach that many people. Then Wednesday and Thursday were just normal days. On Friday, we had exchanges with my District Leader(They usually happen every other week so that he has a chance to work with each of us.) And things started off hectic. We got a  call at seven twenty in the morning from my Zone Leaders saying that I had to go to Migrations....and that I had to be there in ten minutes(it´s a fifteen minute taxi drive). Plus, I was about to shower. So, that meant a very crazy morning. We hurried as fast as we could to get there...but we weren´t on time, at all. But I still made it in. Then Migrations took until noon..mainly because of the lines, which were very long. Then, I spent the day(again) climbing the highest hill in Cochabamba teaching lessons, which went pretty well. Then Saturday.....well, not to freak you guys out or anything, there was supposed to be a 9.0 earthquake in Cochabamba. And, tons of people(lots of preachers in town) were claiming last Saturday to be the end of the world. Well, needless to say, nothing happended, and I´m ok. Sunday was a great day as well! We had two of our best investigators finally make it to church! We are so excited! Two more and they can be baptized. We´re hoping it happens. Also, we had District Blitz, where all of the district work in a area to help find more people to teach. It was in my area, and we ended up with three more news. So, that´s about it for the week.

Dad- Hope you have a great week, and good luck on the job search!

Mom- Glad you had a good ALC conference. Can´t wait to hear from you next week!

Aly- Just relax and enjoy your time now.....good luck on the job search!

Emi- Have a great week!

That´s all for now, folks!


Elder Craig

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