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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, May 9, 2011

Six Months!

(This letter was sent May 2)
Hello family and friends!!!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week. Mine was ok....well, it was still
good, but not the best.

First thing...I complete SIX MONTHS tomorrow! That´s absolutely crazy!
I cannot believe it. It has flown by....but there´s still so much
left. So, it´s totally weird. Also, only six days until my birthday!
I´m totally excited! I can´t believe that I´m turning 20 years
old....I feel old! Hahaha.

Well, this week wasn´t totally exciting. Monday was a pretty boring
day because we had nothing to do because our zone leaders let us down
again by telling us that we were going to have soccer...and it didn´t
happen. The rest of the week we were just working. Wednesday was sweet
because we found three new people to teach, and that´s awesome. One of
our goals as a companionship is to find at least twelve new people to
teach every week, and that´s been something that we´ve been pretty
good at. And it´s not just a numbers thing. We´ve found out that the
more people we find, the more we´re going to end up actually teaching,
so it´s pretty sweet to see how the Lord prepares people for us to
find. Also, we had splits with the district leader again, so I went
and worked in the highest point in the entire city for a day. It was
TOUGH! But, the view was amazing(I´ll have pics next week). And the
split went well.

Things here are becoming a little bittersweet. We found out this week
that two of our investigator families(one of which are our best
investigators that we have) are moving out of our area. So, my
companion and I are sad about that. Also, there´s a good chance that
I´m leaving the area next week(we find out the changes this sunday- my
birthday!), so I´m pretty sad. I love my area and the people in it.
I´ve seen so many live change for the better, and it´s going to be
tough to leave them if I do this next week. But, as the prophet Joshua
says in Joshua, to keep relying on the Lord for strength, and move on.

Dad- Hope you have a good week! You should send me pics of the dummy downhill.

Mom- Thanks for your email! I´m glad to hear all is well at home. Love you!!!

Aly- Hey! I can´t believe that you graduate this week! That´s nuts!
And I only have a year of college under my belt.... oh well. Send me
plenty of pics!

Emi- Glad to know you´re doing well. Have an awesome week!

Have a good one!


Elder Craig

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