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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finally .. a baptism! (6-13-11)

Why hello dearest family and friends!

I hope everyone had a great week! This week for me was awesome, as
usual! The best part was the baptism!

Ok, so first thing was earlier this week we went to go visit one of
our best investigators who is going to be baptized this weekend, and
we didn´t find him there. We talked to his wife, and he was involved
in an accident of sorts. He is a truffi dirver(truffis are the public
transportation here.), and he was stopped at one of his routine stops
which is in front of a chicheria(a bar of sorts). He started to leave,
and he hit a one year old little girl who ran out from the
chicheria(Her mom was inside getting drunk). Unfortunately, the little
girl died. He was completely traumatized the entire week. But,
somehow, this has increased his desire to be baptized. In our lesson
with him yesterday, he gave an awesome prayer, and he totally is
changed. So, he´s for sure going to be baptized this Saturday. Our
other family that´s going to be baptized might not be baptized this
 because the mom traveled to Villazon(a city on the border
with Argentina)for some judicial hearing, and she might not be back
for Saturday, depending on when the hearing will keep your
fingers crossed.

Now, about the baptism. We baptized Angel Gabriel Ab├ín(well, he was
baptized by his uncle), and it was an awesome day. He is the smallest,
but one of the spiritually stongest investigators that we´ve had. he´s
been wanting to be baptized for sooo long. He´s been coming to church
with us for the past five weeks, and he´s super cool. He was baptized
along with three other girls(Elder North´s investigators). He was so
small in the water, it was hilarious! But, he´s a good kid, and will
be a very good member.

For this upcoming week, we have one, maybe four baptisms. I really,
really hope that these go through. We also have our President´s
farewell. He´s leaving at the first of July, but this is his last full
cambio, so we´re doing it this week. Also, this Sunday, we find out
the cambios, and this time it´s 99.999% sure that I´m leaving, so I´ll
be letting you all know what happens.

Dad- Hope all is well and hope the job search is going good.

Mom- I´m postive you´ll find someone for the office(I´m crossing my
fingers), and the sale of the house will go through.

Aly-I´m sorry you´re so tired(I know how you feel), and about the
getting fat I´m exercizing every morning so it´s not
too bad.

Emi- I hope you have fun in your classes! Study hard!.

That´s all for now!


Elder Craig

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