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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazzzzy week + transfers= a baptism!

Hey everyone! I hope all had a great week! This week was absolutely long exhausting, but awesomely rewarding. So much happened this week, including my Mission President´s farewell, a surprise migration visit, and another baptism!

So, first thing. So, we had our farewell for our President this past Thursday. It was super cool, because all of the missionaries in Cochabamba(city, not the mission) got together in one of the stake centers in town and we got to take pictures with them, and hear them talk one last time.  I got the chance to be in a choir (along with my companion Elder Hull, Elder North, Elder Claybaugh, Elder Diaz, and Elder Antionetti) and sing Para Siempre Dios este con Vos(God be with you til we meet again) for the President and Hermana. They then talked to us and shared very cool experiences that they´ve had while being here. But, the only thing was, it lasted until 5pm, and we got there at 10am. That means that we lost the day for working, but Elder Hull and I were really freaked out because we had a baptismal interview that evening(and possibly three more), so we had to run to make sure they were ready. First we went to the potential interviews, the Familia Arteaga, and we quickly found out that they aren´t quite ready to be baptized. The wife expressed that she was afraid of baptism, because she was afraid her husband wouldn´t change. Apparently the father of the family has had the bad habit of drinking and running around with women for years, and the wife has been super super patient and forgiving with him, but he hasn´t changed. So, after hearing about this for 40 minutes, Elder Hull and I were able to talk to them and give them the advice that we felt. I felt prompted to give them both homework from the Book of Mormon. To the wife I gave Alma 38, and to the husband Alma 39-42. Both of the scriptures are the prophet Alma the Younger talking to his sons, giving them advice. I really felt that the Spirit really prompted me to give that to them to help them. Because of this problem, Elder Hull and I delayed their baptism until the 9th of July to give them(and us) time to sort things out and to regain their testimonies. Friday was crazy because we had to go do migrations and they ended up misspelling my name(Graig) on the paper, so they corrected it, and added "John" at the beginning of my name, so we had to go get all of that done again. That lasted forever. Then that night we had our last "Noche Misional" in the capilla, and we watched the movie "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration". When we started we had 12 people watching, but by the end we had over 40 people show up, including the Familia Arteaga. That is a super powerful movie, and one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it if you haven´t seen it.

Ok, so now about the baptism. We baptized Marco Pancorbo. He is a super cool guy who has talked to apparently 8 pairs of missionaries before us. His wife is an active member, and she´s been praying and praying about this for years.....and we did it! He was so happy to finally be baptized, and the coolest part was when he got out of the water, he was smiling! That´s saying a lot because he doesn´t show almost any emotion, so it was cool. Also, to make things better it was his birthday! It was such a spiritual day, and I´m glad to have had the honor of baptizing him.

Dad- Happy Belated Father´s Day! Hope you had an amazing day!

Mom- Glad things are going well in the office, and good luck on the interviews! ¡Suerte!
Aly- Glad you´re staying busy and well. Good luck on the job hunt today and tomorrow. I´ll keep my fingers crossed and pray!

Emi- Hope your summer´s good!. Work lots!

And by the way, my transfer is to Tarija! I´m leaving Cochabamba. My new area is 4 de Julio, so I´m gonna be writing from there next week!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!


Elder Craig

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