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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Tarija (June 27)

Well, hello everybody!

Well, I am now in my second area! And it´s obviously in Tarija, hahaha! 

My area is called 4 de Julio II. It´s in the northern part of town(I think) and it is very very big. It´s a poorer area, so many of the roads are pure dust and sand, so my shoes are just completely covered by the time we get home at night. My companion and I live outside of our area, in the area of 4 de Julio 1. This is because, according to my companion, that there aren´t any homes in our area that fit within the standards of the mission, which I now understand. We live in a small apartment in the home of the second counselor of our ward. It´s a nice little room, and we have hot showers, so I can´t complain. 

My companion is named Elder Hernandez. He´s from Colombia, and he has ten months on the mission. We are both Senior Companion, so we get a lot of things done mutually, without the "Well, I´m the senior companion" thing. He´s good, though. Working with him reminds me a lot of being with my trainer, Elder Atencia. I guess all of the Colombians work the same, so I´ll just go with it.

One awesome thing that happened this week is that we have two cholitas(natives women) that work in the house I live in, and they live in my area, so we´re teaching them. Well, we just startedto teach their "husbands"(meaning it´s their boyfriend that they live with, but that´s what they call them here), and they´re accepting the Gospel and starting to progress.The only problem is that they aren´t married, so we have to get them married before we can think about baptizing them. So, that´s the next bridge to cross with them, I guess. We also have a bunch of investigators that we can´t regularly find, but we are working on getting them going again, so that means a lot of work for us, which is good.

No pics this week, my camera´s dead.

Dad- Hope you have a great week, hear you are a beast at working out!

Mom- Yea! i´m glad you are doing well, glad you finally sold the house. P.s. I use both vos y usted

Aly- i´ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I think all will work out well.

Emi-Thanks for writing me en español. That was cool to read your letter. study hard!

Thats all for now!

Elder Craig

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