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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, July 11, 2011

The week I used a sickle! And a new mission president!

Hey everyone! 

Well, as always, this was a great week! Not as interesting as last week, but it was still pretty cool.

First things first, yes, I used a sickle! On Wednesday, we had a service project as a zone, and we went to go clear a lot of weeds...tall, tall weeds. So, we went to this lot with machetes, sickles, and shovels, and we went at it! It was a lot of fun, and with 20 of us, we practically leveled the place in about an hour and a half. Then we found out that we were going to have zone conference on Friday, and the other missionaries from the cities of Tupisa, Villazon, Quirisa, Uyuni, and Bermejo were coming up on Thursday, and that we were going to have the chance to work with them. Well, Lady Luck was definately on my side, because I got to work in my area for the afternoon with my good friend Elder Thorne(from Logan, Utah- He's an Aggie!). We got some good work done, too! We were able to find some investigators that normally we can't find, and we taught them! We had lots of fun working together, and now my companion and I are finally teaching some of our long-lost investigators.

One frustrating thing that happened this week is that we have this investigator named Giovanna. She is the older sister of a recent convert, and she's been pretty receptive to what we teach....from the Bible. She's a part of this church called Cristo Viene, which is a church started by an ex-member of the church, so she's super, super against anything about the Book of Mormon. Well, in our last lesson she asked us about Baptisms for the dead. It was a super-powerful, spiritual lesson, and she and her sister had tears in their eyes and everything. Then Giovanna turns around and negates everything that we just teached, saying that she didn't believe anything we just said(even though we could totally tell that she was believing everything that we said). So, we left the lesson very disappointed. I believe that some of the investigators that we have are here to humble us so that we remember that we need to work hard for every lesson and baptism that we have.

I know this is the work of the Lord and that I have this chance to represent Him. This has been an awesome 8 months, and it's scaring me how fast it's flying.

Remember that everyday is the best day of your life

Dad- Hope you have an amazing week! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mom- Wow, glad you're office is growing so much. Also, enjoy the hula! :)

Aly- I'm glad you love your job so much! Have a great week, and enjoy that movie!

Emi- I'm so jealous that you got to see DCI!!!! I hope you enjoyed it. Keep working hard. P.S. Maybe you should try out for DCI... :)

That's it for now!

Elder Craig

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