Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cambios half gone

Hello everybody from the largest city in the south of Bolivia! I hope
everyone had a fantastic week! This was a good week  for me here!

Aw right. So, first awesome thing that happened this week was that on
Tuesday we had a lesson with a member's boyfriend, who turned out to
have a twelve-year old son as well- and that's not the best part! So,
we ended up teaching the 1st lesson for about an hour and a half,
which is longer than usual. The dad kept asking really good questions,
so that put us back a bit. But, at the end of the lesson, we
challenged them both to baptism, and they both said "Yes!". And the
dad even flat out said that he wants to be baptized(that's super
awesome, because that never really happens here, especially in the
first lesson.)  So, we're super excited to teach them again(we have a
lesson with them tonight!).

Another cool thing that happened is that we went to go try and
recontact an old investigator, and we ended up finding only his wife
who's never listened to the missionaries before. So, we ended up
teaching her, and she's super receptive to the Gospel! She's a "golden
investigator", as we like to call them here, and we're looking forward
to talking to her and her husband this week.

And we also were able to contact this woman on the bus we take to get
to our area, who's been searching for the truth in her life. So, we
went to her home later that night, and we taught her and her mom most
of the first lesson, and she seems  really excited to hear about the
Restorted Gospel.

And those are most exciting things that happened  this week. We have a
fireside for investigators this week, so that should be awesome.

Dad- Thanks for the advice(You give me some of the best I've gotten
for my mission). Plus I want to see a picture of your new car so I can
remember what good cars look like. Have a great week!

Mom- I know you'll find your new office space...and here in Tarija we
eat lots of spaghetti, so yes, I eat pasta.

Aly- Hey, liking the new look more mature. X)

Emi- Lots of suerte on your chem test this week!

Until next week!

Elder Craig

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