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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, August 8, 2011

Week of miracles!

Hey hey hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing week! This has been an amazing week for me here!

First thing awesome that happened this week is that we had a ward mission night to try and get the ward excited for missionary work. We had sixty people show up, which is really cool because it really shows that the ward is going to support our work. We even had one of our really really tough investigators come(And there's a awesome miracle about her! I'll say more in a bit.). It just turned into a really awesome night. The next night we went with this same hermana and her sister to the stake pioneer day at the stake center. It was really cool to see how they celebrate the pioneers down here. They really have a special place in their hearts for them, especially because many of them are really pioneers in their own families.

Alright, so the best part of the week was Saturday there wasn't any crazy parties or anything, just a super super spiritual experiance. We went to go visit our investigator Giovana, and we were talking with her and asked if(for like the billionth time) she had received an answer. Well, this was her answer- "Well, I'm not going to share my answer-that's for me. But I will tell you this- I know you two bring the truth, and nothing but." This made me cry. She was really an investigator that I was really losing hope in, but it just goes to show that the Spirit can really bring miracles in peoples' lives. That was probably one of the most spiritual experiences that I've had on my mission.

I'm super grateful to be here and see these things happen in peoples' lives. I feel a llittle piece of heaven everytime that happens. It truly is special.

Dad- I hope you have an amazing week! Luv ya!

Mom- Sounds like things in the office are doing great! 

Aly- Hope things go great this week!

Emi- Work hard this week! Hope to hear form you soon!

Have a fantastic week all!


Elder Craig

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