Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My week in a trio!

Well, hello everyone!

This week was a pretty good week for me here. I hope for all of you back home it was a great week!

Ok, so the first cool thing that happened this week was we took one of our investigators, José, to the temple here in Cochabamba. When we got there we took him for a short tour of the temple grounds, and explained why we have temples, and about some of the work that we do inside. We then got permission to take him as far as the waiting room. We just let him sit there for a while and just feel the Spirit in there. My companion went to the restroom, and I took the oportunity to ask José how he felt inside the temple. He responded " I don't really know how to describe how I feel, but I really like it." I then went on to explain to him that that was the Spirit, and how the Spirit of the Lord resides in the temple, and how it testifies how things are true. Then the three of us left and we went into the temple hotel and got a chance to teach José the Plan of Salvation, and incorporated the temple into it. It was a really spiritual experience, and I hope that José really starts to progress now

Ok, the next cool thing happened on Saturday. We had a ward activity where we were headed about an hour and a half south of Punata(which is already forty minutes south of Cochabamaba) to a town called Jantunpama, or in Spanish, Pampa Grande to have a ward barbeque. And, man, the drive out there was AWESOME; I have not seen such gorgeous countryside here in Bolivia. Everything was green, rolling hills, and just beautiful. Well, about 20 kilometers from the village, the truck we were traveling in got stuck in mud. Like really stuck. It took us two hours to get it out of the mud. When we got done, I was up to my knees in mud, my companion had fallen into the mud, and we were all tired. So, we turned around and traveled a half an hour to a gorgeous waterfall that I didn't even know exisited. There we ate, hiked up a stream to get to the waterfall, got eaten alive by bugs, and got sunburned. But, it was an amazing day. I  hope that I get another chance to head back there again before I go.

Now to explain the title of this email. This week I was in a trio with my companion and an argentine named Elder Nieve. E' Nieve is my district leader and roommate here in Punata. Well, he had a companion until that companion got into a fight with our dinner pensionista( a hermana who cooks us dinner every day.), and she called the bishop, who called the mission president with several complaints, who moved this said companion out of the area a week early. So, we did everything as a trio this week.

Dad- congrats on the snow! i told you that the snow dance would work! And, yes, life is funny, so we just need to laugh it off and continue! I hope you have a great week!

Mom- Sounds like craziness back home....And we're studying the Book of Mormon too here in Punata this year( I think its a global thing. ;) ) Plus, I read that everyday, so we doing pretty well :P Luv ya!

Aly- Well, a book could be good, but your first two ideas sound like oatmeal articles to me(jk, love ya!), but the health and fitness one could be good. But as for more ideas, can´t help you there. But hey, enjoy your day off and have an amazing week!

Emi- You probably haven't seen your grades, because they're too awesome to post! Oh, and prom's overrated, so don't worry too much.....just kidding, you'll probably be asked, just be patient!

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Craig

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