Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

I have an Argentine companion!!!!!!

Well, hello all you back home!!!!!

Well, this was an ok week for me here in Bolivia.

Ok, so this week I started with my new companion Elder Saade. He's from Argentina, and has, as of today, 5 weeks left on his mission. So, as we say here in the mission, I get to "kill " him. It'll be good, though. He has a very good reputation in the mission as an amazing teacher, so I'm looking forward to learning from him so that I can improve my teaching skills. This week he had an interview with President Dyer, so we headed up to the offices so he could have his interview. Well, after about 30 minutes, I was called into the office, and we talked about what we needed to do to help the ward here grow and become stronger. To be honest, I feel a little stressed , because the President looked at us and said," By the time that Elder Saade leaves at the end of this change, I want the bishop of your ward to say that he can't run his ward without the help of the missionaries." Yeah, no pressure there. But, it's a good incentive to help the ward.

So, we've started to focus on working with the less active members and inactive members. It's really cool because we've already gotten references from them. I think that we're going to reap a lot of work from them. It's interesting working with the less actives and inactives, because they really can help the work go forward. They usually give a lot of references, and when they reactivate, become some of the stronger members and can really help others going through their same situation, or the new converts. Plus, our leaders here in the mission have been stressing working with them to try to get more work done here. Like on Friday, my companion and I were knocking doors and decided to go visit a member who is recently reactivating in the Church, and she gave us a reference to three teenagers who were listening to the missionaries about a year ago, but mysteriously stopped. Well, we went and contacted them, and got a return appointment for Saturday. Sadly, they fell through, but the thing I learned was that the key really is working with the less-actives and inactive members. So, this week will be a busy week once we get the list that I requested on Sunday.

Dad- 30 inches???!!!!! I'm so jealous! That must have been good skiing. Oh, and Sundance will be pretty awesome, so I know you'll have lots of fun there. And the thing you wrote me about.....don't worry, things are all good here. Nothing to worry about. Have a fun week!

Mom-  Fat skis sound like fat fun!  Yes, I finally got the package with the Rangers shirt. Now waiting the rest. And, I've been senior companion for 10 months now...just been in a lot of double senior companionships. Have a good week!

Aly- Hope you had a fun time at home and ate LOTS of cake! Have a good week!

Emi- Sounds like the 100th anniversary thing for seminary was cool. And it's pretty awesome how the Spirit works in people, huh? Have an amazing week!

Til next time! 

Eat lots of pie for me!


Elder Craig

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