Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Three Kings have come and gone!

On the way to see Cristo de Concordia in Cochabamba

Hello favored family and friends!!!!

I hope that you all had a great week! Mine, to be honest, was a
dificult one for me. It was one of those weeks where every door gets
shut in our faces and all of our appointments just happens to fall
through on us. I think that its on of the ways the Lord keeps us
humble here on the mission. Helps that it doesn't all go to our heads.

But, things really turned around when we got to the weekend. I'm not
saying that we had a hundred new people to teach, or that we taught a
ton of lessons, but things just started falling into place. On
Saturday we started teaching lessons and whatnot, but for sure, Sunday
was my favorite day. We got up early and went to go find a pair of
less active sisters, their little brother( our investigator) and their
cousin( also our investigator). The big one to get to church was the
cousin, who in short terms, is a punk. He's only 14, but he already
parties, has tattoos, and is headed down a very rough path. But, when
we got him into church on Sunday, it was totally awesome. He paid
really good attention in Sacrament meeting, and his sunday school
classes, and it was really cool to see. One thing that he really got
interested in was the temple. The bishop gave a talk about it on
Sunday and got our investigator really interested, so we're now
planning to take him to the temple on Wednesday. We plan to teach him
the plan of salvation and invite him to be baptized, so we're super
excited for Wednesday.

Also, this week we are going to teach the mom of a couple of members.
The thing about this hermana is that she doesn't live here in
Bolivia...she lives all the way in Switzerland! So the plan is to
teach her while she's here with her kids, then pass the reference
internationally! That's going to be super cool to see what happens
with her.

Dad- Yeah, I'll just have the money for you in 30 to 40 years, is that
cool? Sorry that the snow hasn't been as good as it should
be...probably because I haven't done it yet, but I'll get right on it,
I promise!!! Have a great week!

Mom- Trust me...the Catholic barrier is hard to break through, because
it's more a tradition than a belief, which really makes it hard. But I
am grateful for the success that the Lord has given me up to now, but
it still requires hard work. Have an amazing week..I love you!

Aly- Yes, I got the Elder Scott should put them on Facebook
for me, hahaha! Good luck with the opening reception this week! And
with the Atonement, that's really something that's helped me when I
have troubles here in the field. It's amazing, isn't it? I hope you
have an awesome week.

Emi- Quit abusing yourself....that's not healthy! hahaha! Thats pretty
cool about the Hawaiian lady, crazy how life works out, huh? ANd don't
get sick! Not worth it one bit.

Hope you all had the 3 Kings pass by! I love you all!


Elder Craig

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