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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Imanayakasanki! Ñoqa kani Elder Craig.... ¿Imasutiki?......GO GIANTS! (Feb 6, 2012)

Hello family and friends!

I hope everyone had a great week! This week was a good, but tough week here in Punata. 

So, this week we hit the road running with going to contact the less-actives and inactives using an "updated" ward directory. I say "updated" because it really isn't. It's the most current that the ward has. Well, my companion and I spent 2 whole days just going and looking for these members. It turns out the 99% of them do not live in Punata anymore, and 75% of those live outside of the country now. So, it has become super tough for us to find these people. I also went over part of the directory with the Young Men's President, and he pointed out a bunch of members that had DIED within the past 3 years that were still registered in the ward (I don't know anything about how they do ward directories, but I am pretty sure that the dead members belong on another list.) But, we have gotten some success from going to visit members. We have contacted a bunch of people this past week.

We also as a mission had a fast this past Sunday to recieve inspiration to find news, and to find news. Well, Saturday was uneventful, but Sunday, a member brought her cousin and her cousin's kids to church....and they live right in the middle of our area! My companion and I are super excited, because we feel that this is someone who we can have finally make real progression towards baptism. We've been fighting hard these past few weeks looking for people who can really accept the Gospel in their lives, and we feel that this is what we've been waiting for. So, I think that this will be a good investigator for us. 

This week we also had our bi-exchange zone conference with the Mission President. It was a good conference all in all, and I got to watch my companion give his last testimony. Here, it's a tradition for the missionaries that are leaving to bear their testimonies at their last zone conference. My companion did so, and while he did it quoted Bob Marley. He's pretty cool.

Well, that's all for now.

Dad- Good luck with your Cert 3 this week! You never know, this could be the week!

Mom- I have 9 months left, btw. I think you just want me to stay longer.... ;) Oh, and about the packages, I'm still waiting for yours, and I got Lee's in December. And about you not knowing who played in the Super Bowl, I had the same reaction as Dad and Emi....all of the gringo missionaries have been talking about it for weeks!

Aly- Nice job on the article- That's you putting your degree to work , right? You know, just have fun while you work, and it won't be boring! Have a good week!

Emi- Saw your prom pic, you look nice! I told you that you'd get a date! Hope you gave a great week!

Sorry that this is late....the MyLDSMail server crashed, so we had to wait and come back to send our letters.

Tinkuna kama!


Elder Craig

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