Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

A good busy week

Hey everyone!

I hope that you all had a good week! Mine was good until Sunday, in the which I got pretty sick, but a little more about that later.

So, this week my companion and I have been working a lot in Yacanahuyo, which is a nieghborhood about 20 minutes from our house(but its still technically Punata.). But something really funny that happened is that we went deeper and deeper into Yacanahuyo, just exploring to see how it is, and we got lost. Yup, I admit it. we got lost. But, luckily, we were able to find a back road that took us  right back to where we needed to be, and is also a faster route for us to get to Yacanahuyo. So, it seems that getting lost is not that bad  when you're opening new areas of your area. It actually really helped us a lot. 

Alright, so a funny contact that we went through this week. We were in Yacanahuyo knocking doors, and in one house a little boy answered, so we asked him to go get his mom. He did, and we did an amazing contact, testifying and everything. Well, she just looked straight at us and, in Quechua, told us that she didn't understand a word that we had said. So, that made us totally see that we need to learn Quechua fast if we really wanted to do more contacting in that area. I've been studying a bit of Quechua, but for us Elders in Punata, slowly but surely, we are seeing the great need to learn that language. The thing is, a lot of people speak the language, but the thing is that they do not read it. So, getting a Book of Mormon in Quechua to give to them is not the best idea. It would only help us so we could learn the scriptures in Quechua.

Also, we learned that everybody and their dog is family out there. That's good for us because we can use the members out there to go and teach their family members. How ever, apparently, it's been tried before, but it's been a couple of years since they last tried, so we're gearing up to try again.

Here in Punata we're planning a bunch of activities to get the ward excited in the ward mission work...all leading up to a big activity in May- "Un luau, estilo Boliviano"( A luau, Bolivian style). So, we're really excited for it. Wish us luck.

And last night I got pretty sick...along with my companion and our district leader. Diahreea(however you spell it...I suck at spelling.) it!

Oh, and by the way, we did find Waldo this week...and we taught him! guys are funny.

Dad- The weights are made of cement...we added water bottles to make it harder... Have a great week!

Mom- Yes, time is flying, but that's needs to. And no, Mario didn't go to church, unfortunately. I love you!

Aly- Hey, animo! It'll be fun....I think. Just enjoy it! Luv ya!

Emi- Sorry about being sick....I know what that's like. Just eat your veggies and listen to dad, and you'll be better soon.

that's all for now!

Elder Craig

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