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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Conference weekend- A week of miracles- Happy April! (sent April 2)

Why hello!

Well, I hope you all back home had a great week! Mine was sort of tough(we didn't teach a lot of lessons this week), but it was amazing. I also hope that you all enjoyed General Conference! It was awesome (as usual).

Ok, so for the first time in Bolivian history, we were able to watch Conference in our own chapel. That means that we didn't have to make the hour long trip to the Stake Center to go watch...we just had to walk ten minutes on foot to get there. But, it started out really rough. We got to the church to set everything up and there was no electricity. Apparently the electric company thought that it was a fantastic idea to cut the electricity so that they could do maintenance work. So, we set everything up just hoping that the power would come on sometime before the conference started. Well, it didn't. It finally came on at the end of the first session during President Eyring's talk, which means that we lost the entire first session thanks to the power company. But from then on we were able to enjoy the talks and the amazing music. If you didn't get to watch Conference, just click here to read the talks.

So, on Friday, the four of us in Punata headed to Nasacara (which is waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy in the heck out in the country side)(another side note: I have some awesome pics, but this dumb computer isn't reading my memory'll have to wait until next week.) to do some service for an investigator. Well, that project fell through, so we ended up cutting alfalfa to feed a massive bull. Then we went to go visit this investigator's mother(who lives even farther out there.) who has terrible arthritis, and so we were asked to give a blessing of health. Well, for those of you who don't know, when we bless someone with a blessing of health, we first anoint them with olive oil that has been consecrated( or made holy). Well, I had used all of my oil a couple of weeks ago, and nobody else had their oil vials. So, Elder Blackwelder told me to go get my vial out of my backpack. When I brought it out, I opened it and tilted the vial just barely, and a clear big drop of oil came out. Mind you, I had run out two weeks before and had not refilled it. I am totally convinced that the Lord sent us there just for that. I can't explain how there was oil in my vial, but there was!

The next miracle that happened to us happened during General Conference. We have this investigator Alex G├║zman who has a baptismal date for this coming saturday, and he need to attend church just one more time to complete the mission's rule about investigators attending church(they need 3). Well, he didn't make it to the first three sessions, so inbetween sessions, we ran to his house to see if he was there. So, his mom answered and said that he was not home, that he had gone to his grandmother's home in Yacanahuyo. I about freaked, so we got his number and tried calling him, but he didn't answer. So, we just went to the session, usinga member's cellphone to try and get in contact with him. When we did finally get in contact, we said that he might or might not come, so I about freaked again. But, during Elder Perry's talk, my companion and I got the strong impression that we needed to pray. So, we got up and left and found a small classroom that was open. I offered a prayer asking God to help Alex come to church that day if it was His will, and we just left it all to him. So we re-entered the Conference, and about ten minutes later, the member whose phone we had used told us that Alex had just called her and said that he was outside. We ran outside and saw him still about a block and a half away running to get to the Church. I just about cried my face off. I know that God really answers out prayers and that miracles come from being obediant to Him and having faith.

Dad- Have a good week. I hope you're ready for that break that you need!

Mom- Yes, I will get a pill called "The Bomb" right before I come home which cleans the system out. And about quechua, I now have a Book of Mormon in Quechua, and we are trying to use more and more  phrases in our conversations. Conference rocked, ¿NO? Have a great week!

Aly- Hope work is going well for you and that you're having lots of fun!

Emi- Hey, hope you're doing great, and I can't wait to hear from you next week!

Until next week!

Happy April!


Elder Craig

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