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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

My week at the airport!

Hi everyone!
It's me again, that one missionary that sends you all letters once a week.
Well, this week was the week of transfers, and let me tell you, when your area is the one right next to the airport, it is not fun. I had to pick up all of the new missionaries and make sure all of the things went well until the zone leaders were able to show up. Then I had to take an elder's luggage to my house, because his stuff showed up, but not him. Then the next day when I went to the airport, I had to take a pair of missionaries to my house, because one of their luggages never showed up, so they stayed the night at my house. Then the next day I took them to the zone leader's house to drop them off. So, the first few days this week I didn't get a whole ton of work done, but then my companion and I busted our butts off to make up for the time lost.
We had some great lessons this week! My companion and I got back into contact with some of our old investigators:Jesus Porcel and Dorian Duran! To reminds you who they are, they are college students that live in to farthest neighborhood in my area named la Belen(means Bethlehem). They are great kids that we lost contact with when winter break came, and they went off traveling as college students do, so we couldn't contact them. When we had our lesson on Saturday, Dorian also told us that she lost her phone as well, so that answered my doubt about why she never answered my phone calls when I called to try to get appointments with them. But it was great to get back in contact with them. We also went to visit a less active member, and her nephew answered the door, and so we contacted him and ended up teaching him. Then, to top it all off, we went to a lesson last night that was also supposed to be a lesson with a couple less actives, and it turned into a lesson with member and a new investigator who wants to be baptized! Things are looking up for the area.
Other than that, there's not a whole ton of stuff going on in my life. Thanks for all of your letters!
Dad- I want some pics from that photo shoot! Hope all of the things in about the house goes well!
Mom- Sounds hectic back home....just like my life here! Have a good week!
Aly- Hope you feel better! Have a great week!
Emi- Don't stress! Just enjoy your last week of summer!
There's photos this week! Hope you enjoy them!
Til next week!


Elder Craig

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