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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sick week + Happy Bolivian Independence Day!!

Hey everyone!

I hope that you all had a good week this past week! For me personally, this week was a tough week for me because I was sick all week. Like I even have a name for the sickness that I have. Gastroenteritis (That's what he said and wrote down, the doc. If he's wrong, that could be a problem.). It's basically the precursor for Samonella(??) poisoning, so we caught it at a good time. I am on three different medications, and they are helping, so that's a good thing. No need to worry, I am still alive!

This week we had a zone conference and an interview with the mission president, which was a good conference. The weird thing is that it was my second-to-last conference, so the next conference that I have will be two weeks before I go home.....that's really freaky. I don't feel like one of the old ones in the mission, but I am....But I really don't wanna be one of the oldies. My interview with the mission president was amazing! He was able to give me great advice for my area and my district, and he told me that I should be here in Sucre until the end of September, then I'll head out to some random area for one more transfer. But we'll see, because Presidente Dyer has been known to change his mind at the last minute, like a lot, so I could be going next week. My fail-safe though is my companion. I say that because that I'm training him, I need to finish training him this transfer(It's a 12 week program). I am PRAYING to stay here, but if I don't, what can I do?

So, I got great news!!! It looks like I will finally have a baptism this upcoming weekend!!!! Two to be exact. They are the Lopez sisters. And boy are they excited! Me too! They've been so good, going to church, being active in their organizations, so it's been really cool to see them grow spiritually, so I am really happy for them. They've been wanting to get baptized for a couple of weeks now, but now's the time.

Sorry the letter's so short. SICK WEEK!

Dad-Well, we'll have dude time when I get home, so just make it through three more months! Have a fun week!

Mom- Thnnks for the pics of the run. Really sweet! Good luck with the house in Cottonwood Heights!

Aly-His name is Cloward. He's the first Gringo to complete this mission in four years because of dumb political stuff. My group will be the fourth group to do so.

Emi- You're adopted because you're the "Wolf child", remember?? Or does Dad need to pull out the National Geographic to prove it a gain? Have a good week!

P.S. Winter's over already. Worst. Winter. Ever.

Take care!


Elder Craig

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