Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

No such thing as an easy baptism!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope that you all had a good week! This week was a great week for me and my companion.

So, this week was full of service projects for me and my companion, and we finally had a baptism!!!! Actually, we had two baptisms, but it's practically the same.

So, this week we had a service project helping a member pack a truck because he moved to La Paz this past week. So, first thing we did was the usual pack a bunch of cardboard boxes into the truck. And we loaded about 40 into the truck when they said "ok, let's go pack the car!" Yup. We packed a car into the truck. Now, we were all worried that we would have to actually pick up the car (we are in Bolivia...crazier things have happened.). But we just headed to a spot where there was a ridge of dirt and we made a make shift ramp make of wood and tires(which almost fell apart under the weight of the car) and the hermano just revved his car are put it on the truck. Then we returned to his house and we helped pack a bunch of heavy stuff (Fridge, etc, etc.).

We also helped a member clean their super super messy house this week. I washed windows! We spent about 3 hours doing that, helping them out.

Now, about the baptisms. We got to the chapel at 6pm, and that's when everything went downhill. The ward mission leader was supposed to be in the chapel at 4pm to fill the font up, and he got there at 6:15pm. Then, there was NO water in the chapel, so we were filling it up by hand and running the water through the heating system to heat what little water there was up. After about two hours of that, out of the nothing, water from the main system just started gushing out water, which was super cold, so we heated the water in vain. But we were able to have the baptisms still, we just started at 8:15pm. It was super cool, because right before I baptized Alina, she ran outside and just started praying like crazy. I've never seen such a sincere prayer out of someone so young. And when she got up, she was crying. I performed the ordinance, and it was a super spiritual experience. Also, when she gave her testimony, she just ended up crying again. It was a really great experience.

Dad- Release date is Nov. 7. Thanks for telling me about Jodi....I'll really be praying for her. Also, can I see pics of the house?

Mom- Yes, I know Elder Abad....what connection do you have? I'm glad the wedding went well. I WANT PICS!

Aly-Wow. work sounds fun......Just don't get sick!!!!

Emi- Yes, I respond to practically everyone who writes me. Awesome that your friend got called to Austrailia. Enjoy your second to last week of summer!

Hey, I will have pictures next week, don't worry! Oh, and I'm here in Sucre for the next six weeks(I only have 12 weeks left!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!)

Elder Craig

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