Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 21, 2010

¡Hola from Lima, Peru!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing awesome!! Things are going well for me here. I´m staying super busy, and having lots of fun at the same time! This computer isn´t letting me jump down, so it´s going to be all in one paragraph. Let me tell you about my first week. I arrived at about seven in the morning after a red eye from L.A. I got about three hours of sleep. Luckily, it was P-day(Preparation Day) and so it was a chill day. I have my second companion, Elder Camacho. He´s from Pizco, Peru, and he´s really good at soccer, and he loves to dance. The next few days I´ve had nothing but class. I have two teachers, Hermano Meza and Hermana Flores. Both are RM´s and served in Peru. I´ve also done some translating, where I translate from Spanish into English for the missionaries who use translators during meetings and such. We have TRC, where we teach fake investigators, everyday.
That´s a ton compared to the once a week in Provo. We also have lots of vocab, and lots of speaking español. I would like to think that I am improving, but there are times when I can´t understand the natives...hahahaha!!!!! We play lots and lots of soccer everyday. It is so much fun! I love it. And, I´ve scored two goals so far.....which isn´t that good, but I´m proud anyways. haha! My daily diet includes, for breakfast(usually) bread and eggs, then lunch, chicken or beef, potatoe, yuca (a high fiber cactus...i think), and lots of rice. Then for dinner, it´s practically the same as lunch. Every Wednsday and Sunday at lunch we get ice cream, too!!!! Then after every meal we have time to go play foozball (yup, they have four tables), ping-pong, or zapa (a game where you try to throw a coin into a frog´s mouth.) Yeah. So, tonight we have Elder Nash, our Area authority coming in to speak to us. So, I´m doing alright. Food´s good, companion´s good, and I´m totally psyched to get to the field in TWO WEEKS! I can´t believe that it´s that close already.....but it also seems so far. I guess that´s how my entire mission will be, right?

Mom- I love you, and I hope you have an awesome Christmas!! I think about  you every day!!!!!

Dad- Hope the powder´s treating you well. I´m jealous. I love you, and hope you´re safe.

Alyssa- Nice job on your finals! That´s the way to be. I´m glad that Plague is safe too.

Emi- Study hard, and have fun peering. Peering has totally been my favorite job that I´ve had to date.

Grandma Allen- Glad to hear you´re doing well.  Say hi to the Blocks for me!!!! Love you!!!!!

Abuelita y Grandpa- Me alegre que Uds. estan bien. ¡Espero que tengan una Navidad fantástica!

Ok, that´s all from me for now on this hemisphere!!!!!

Love you!!!!!!!

Elder Christian Craig

P.S. dearelder is not the best idea to send me anymore. It takes an entire week for it to  get here.

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