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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010

Hey everyone!(Everyone: Hey Elder Craig!!!!!)

Wow, has it already been another week???? I can´t believe how fast this past week has flown! Honestly, the first week felt slow, but now things are speeding up! AHHHHH!!!!!! Jajaja. Anyways, I´m sure that ya´ll would like to hear how my Christmas and Christmas Eve went......

So, on Christmas Eve, we had normal classes for the first part of the day, until about three in the afternoon. Then, we had a special Christmas Devotional. Then, after dinner, we had some free time to write handwritten letters to family (I don´t have any stamps, so I couldn´t write anything....sorry!). Then, after dinner, we had a special presentation about Christmas, which was basically just us hearing the Christmas Story from Luke( I could just imagine Dad reading it like he does every year....made me feel at home.) and hearing a bunch of Christmas carols. Then after that we followed a tradional Peruvian Christmas Eve hot chocolate and panteon( basically fruitcake, but a lot better quality than American fruitcake.). It was really good!!! Then we sang non-Christian Christmas carols to finish the night, as in Jingle Bells, 12 days of Christmas, You´re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, etc, etc. And we had a really good time with that one.

The next morning, we were able to sleep in til 7:30( That´s never going to happen again, until I have my own apartment after my mission, I already know. Jajaja!)  And we got up and had a light breakfast.
Next we had a Christmas Day Devotional, which lasted about two hours.
Next we had some personal study time. Then was our Christmas Dinner.....It included every kind of meat( chicken, pork, beef, and turkey), rice, skewers, mashed potatoes, salad, Jell-O( The Jell-O here rocks the socks off of the Jell-O in Utah, just saying.) and the best churros ever( filled with dulce de leche!!!!!!). And I practically ate everything on that list, so I was completely stuffed!!! Next we got to go change into P-Day clothes( Just regular clothing.). Then we got to break open piñatas that were filled with dulces and money(peanuts, not cash). I still have a cup full of it.
lol. Then we went and played waterballoon volley ball and kick ball for the rest of the afternoon. Then they said that we were going to have a light dinner. It was a 1/3 lb hamburger! Light my foot! After dinner, we finished off the night by watching The Other Side Of Heaven( The only Disney-made movie about missionary work.)! It was that movie. And that was my Christmas!!!!

Everything else is the same here. Taking lots of classes, speaking plenty of español, forgetting some English words. I am totally stoked to hit the field next week. I can´t believe that my time to hit el campo is finally here!!! Crazy! The next time I email you, I´ll be in another country(again!!!!)

Mom- well, you can read what I did for Christmas, lol. And it is very warm here. I would say at least low to mid nineties. It´s hot!

Dad- I am totally ready for culture shock. It´s pretty boring staying within the same 100 yards for the past 9 weeks. But it´ll be good for some change. I´ll send you pics from Bolivia.

Aly- I´m glad you had a good time with the fam!!! I can´t believe that you start your last semester soon. ¡Buena suerte!!!

Emi- Hope you´re doing well.....YOU NEED TO WRITE ME!!!!

Michael- Hope everything goes well. Bug the KPsi peeps to write me, and anyone else who needs to do so.

Last mensaje de Peru!!!!!


Elder Christian Craig

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