Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Destroying to build the kingdom! ;)

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good week! This was a good week for me here in
Punata. It was with plenty of service again(said service was probably
the most fun that I've had in my mish, but more of that later.)

So, this week my companion and I have been working on our
investigators that are progressing more. One awesome thing was that we
got a reference from a member kind of by accident. He was talking to
us casually about a family that he knew that were listening to the
missionaries about a year ago, and we just asked casually where they
lived. Well, technically that counts as a reference from a member. So,
we went and contacted this family and taught two members. It turns out
that the youngest son has come to church almost every Sunday for
almost the past year because of friends that he likes to go to church
with. So, we've already put a baptismal date on him, and it seems like
things are looking really good for them.

Our investigator Pablo is doing REALLY well. He's been here every
Sunday for the past month, and he's getting ready to be baptized on
the 19th of May, so we're really happy on how he's progressing. Things
are going well with him.

Ok, so we had an amazing service project this week- WE GOT TO DEMOLISH
A HOUSE! IT was AWESOME! It was this really old adobe house that was
falling apart, so these members asked the ward to come help them out.
Well, the only members of the ward who came where the bishop and a few
other random members and the six elders from the ward. So, we took
pickaxes to the walls, and it all came tumblin' down! It was fun, but
we were FILTHY by the time it was all over.

Dad- Glad work's going well! Work hard, and have fun!

Mom- Sunday school, huh? Well, glad you got good kids to
teach..Blessings I guess. Have a great week!

Aly- Just have fun this week! No angry parents this week!(I hope) Kuv ya!

Emi- Bummer that you didn't make it to state...But you got one more
shot(next year!), so don't get bummed. And I like reading Isaiah too,
it's fun.

That's all for now!

Elder Craig

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