Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gettin' lost in the work and in the fields. (4-16-2012)


I hope that all of you had a fantastic week this past week! This week
was a good week for us here in Punata.

So, first bit of good news is that we got in contact with one of our
old investigators again! Our investigator Pablo had literally
disappeared for 2 and a half weeks. But on Wednesday we got a call
from the hermana who gave us the reference for Pablo to go teach him.
She was freaking out, saying "Pablo's here, Pablo's here! You two
better get over here as soon as you can!" Well, needless to say, we
hurried over there as quick as we could. Unfortunately, that means 25
minutes of walking. So, by the time we had got there, Pablo had gone,
and we couldn't find him. But on Friday, we were just happening to
pass by this hermana's house, when we heard talking going on- and one
of the voices was Pablo's! Well, we didn't miss a moment, and we
knocked on the door and got in the house. It turns out that Pablo had
been in the hospital for two weeks with the flu(He got his niece to
pay for the bill). But, he was super excited to see us again and to
start listening to us again. He also finally made it to church on
Sunday! So, things with him are looking very up.

Also, another investigator, Mario, is progressing ridiculously well.
He is developing a strong testimony of the gospel. Yesterday(sunday)
we went to visit him because he's been having a rough time with his
knee and so we wanted to know how he was doing. And while we were
talking, he said "Once my knee gets better, I'll go out with you guys,
because that's what you should do once you know that these things are
true." Wow! I know members that are less animated than him. So, things
look good for him. about the title. My companion and I were in a neighborhood
called Santa Ana and we wanted to try to contact some of the farmers
out there, cause it's pure farm land. Well, we got very lost and
actually followed a water canal until we reached a road that took us
back to Punata. Funny story of the week.

Parentals(Mom and Dad)- Have an amazing finale in Maui! I can't wait
to hear from you this next week! Luv ya!

Aly- Sorry about the rough week. This one will be better! I know it.

Emi- Hope you're studying hard and having fun! I want lots of pics next week!

That's all for now folks!

Elder Craig

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