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November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great week! My week was pretty good out here in Punata.

So, the first thing is....I finally had a baptism! Our investigator Alex Guzman was baptized on Saturday, and I was given the privilege to perform the ordinance(If that's how you spell that spelling is getting worse and worse.) It was a very special moment for me. We had spent the day preparing for the baptism, with the usual of filling up the font and cleaning and such. Well, the bishop did not give us the keys for the water heater(here there is no hot water valve, just cold mountain water.), so I had to baptize in freeeeeezing cold water. Luckily, we had the only baptism of the day, so I spent maybe two minutes max in that water. A tough thing for Alex was that his mom decided last minute that she wasn't going to come to the baptism, which was something that he was really hoping for. But, his youngest sister came, plus the family who lives next door to him(who were the ones that passed the reference to us a few months ago.), so he had some great support. Plus my District Leader and I played and sung a spanish version of "Come thou fount", which really brought the Spirit into the service. While we were changing in the bathroom, I asked him(across stalls) how he felt, and he said that he felt really clean, like he had been born again. The Spirit in that moment testified to me that he had really repented and that that baptism was valid in our Father's eyes. It was a great experience.

On Sunday we finally had an investigator come to church that we've been really working hard to have come to church, Mario! He literally hobbled into the church on a cane, and was immediately greeted by the Bishop and his wife, who are his friends. He had the priviledge to help him around the church all morning. He really enjoyed the meetings, so we are really hoping that he keeps coming on Sundays.

Well, the exchanges have come again, and I am staying in Punata for another month and a half. That will mean that I have been in every area of my mission a total of six months each! Which means when I leave here next month, I will almost have five months until I come home...Time really flies, doesn't it?

Dad- Congrats on Trainer of the Year! I think I can give you that too, because you've totally helped me out out here. Hey, have fun in Hawai'i, relax, and I really hope you get that job. I wanna see lots of pics! Have a very amazing birthday! I love you!

Mom-Thanks for the pic! I used a hand scythe to cut the alfafa. And the bull was huge, calm, and very hungry. I'm glad you had fun on Easter. And about the letter...don't worry, I'll be ready this time. ;) Have a fun, safe time in Maui, and I wanna see lots of pics when you get back! I love you!

Aly-Thanks for the pictures! Yes, I will Skype call again, don't worry. Don't worry about mean people, we can't help them (I deal with a TON of them out here.), just smile, and they can't do anything about the problem. I'm proud of your weight loss! Have a great amazing week!

Emi- I'm sorry that you' had a bad meet....things'll get better. Just think, the next missionary homecoming will be MINE. Just saying.....Hey, and I want lots of pictures of you and the Picketts this week, ok?

That's all for now!

Elder Craig

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