Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

¡What an amazing session of General Conference!

Hey everyone!!!!
I hope that everyone had an amazing week! I must say that this past weekend was one of the best General Conferences that I've EVER had the privilege to watch. It was honestly amazing from the beginning!I hope that this was a good week for you! I was totally blown away by General Conference. I had a ton of personal revelation from this conference, and it was just an amazing experience for me. I was pretty sad that it ended, but it has to be the best conference that I could have ended my mission on. And as for a favorite talk, I cannot even come close to choosing, because I was completely blown away by each speaker. I learned something essential that I want to appy to my own life from every talk. Absolutley amazing. I'm still just completely "wow"'ed by that conference.
This week was a very good week workwise for my area. I see more and more everyday the reasons that the Lord called Elder Tuesta to serve in this area and ward. He is an amazing missionary that has what I think to be a very rare gift with the people to just be able to reach their hearts and be able to get into the homes and hearts of our investigators.
We have an investigator named Fernando, who is one of those types that at first glance, you think that he will have a hard time progressing, but as usual, he's progressing surprisingly well. He is a young man who we met through a ward futsal activity, and he's been interacting with us and the ward members especially well.  He even accepted a baptismal date... for the 3rd of November, which is probably the date that I leave Sucre to head for Cochabamba.
We are also having a ton of progression with an investigator and his less-active mother. My companion and I recieved revelation on how to help this hermana reactivate during a lesson we had with her and her son. We have challenged them to read the Book of Mormon together as a family everyday, and we've seen miracles happen when they've been consistent with that. They both came to General Conference yesterday, which was honestly a nice pleasant surprise for me, especially since it's been years since the mom has come to church for anything. I feel that they will continue to progress super well.
I am sooo grateful that I still have time to work here in the mission field. I look forward to everyday as a new opportunity to work, and now you youngsters that read my email have a super amazing opportunity, thanks to modern revelation. Now the Lord is allowing His children to leave at an earlier age for the mission, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! The mission really is the best decision that any young man or woman can take. I encourage it, but really, make it YOUR decision. That's the way it should be, and not anybody elses. Well, that's my soap box for now.
Dad- I will let you know.....I need to consider my options very carefully right now. I hope all is well with work and the house!
Mom-Micro climate, huh? Sounds like it'll be an adventure...You know how much I love chipping ice off of driveways! Have a great week!
Aly-Sorry about USU losing to the Zoo.....Blows. You know, for someone who tells me not to be sure know how to make me trunky! Have a good week!
Emi- Ok, so now I need to see that funny senior pic of yours! Congrats for making it into Utah State. I still don't know where I'm going to study yet.....probably should be getting on that, right? Have an amazing week!

I love you all, and I can't wait for your emails next week!

Elder Craig

Christian and Elder Tuesta

Christian sent this but didn't label it ... I assume it's Spam? :)

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