Serving in the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission
November 3, 2010-November, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

A boss week!

Well, hello everyone! For the last time from Sucre, Bolivia, this is Elder Craig checking in!
Well, this week was a week of lots of  hard work for us here in  Santo Domingo. We were able to find a lot of new investigators this week. I  was focused on getting  the area ready for when I leave this Thursday. I don't want to leave my area in a bad state for when I go, I want to leave it so that the work will continue for when I go.
So, one interesting thing this week. I went to a Bolivian funeral. It was the aunt of an investigator, and we went along as accompaning ministers. So, we went with the family to a catholic church and waited outside for the family to come out, then we followed the hearse to the cementary. So, it was my first time in a South American cementary(that I can remember), and it was pretty cool. All of the rich families have these big elaborate tombs, and I was totally astounded as I passed them. Then we got to the area where I guess you can say that the common folk are buried and I was even more "wow"-ed by how they "bury" people here. The thing is that they don't really bury people here. They build buildings with a bunch of slots in them for caskets and they just seal the end of the tomb off with the person's name. The coolest part of the funeral was when the husband of the deceased asked us to say a few words, and we were able to testify as representatives of Christ about the Spirit World and of the Resurrection. The Spirit was super strong during that time, and I am super grateful for that experience. It's my first funeral in 14 years, and it was a super spiritual experiance.
We also had our third baptism in a row this past weekend. It was of our investigator Ariel Villalta. He's a great kid whose mom is a member who is slowly reactivating into the Church. It was interesting because he has a SUPER inactive aunt who fought his baptism nail and tooth, because in her inactivity, she has gone very anti-Church. So, she had some influence out over Ariel's mom, who became super reluctant, but we talked to her and reminded her that she is the one who gives permission for baptism and not her sister, and that she had already given permission for baptism. So she said that we were correct and she helped us finish getting ready for the baptism. It was a super good baptism. Ariel and 2 other girls were baptized. I didn't baptize anyone, but it was awesome to see Ariel finally get baptized.
Dad- Thanks for the advice. i hope you have a great week and enjoy what little snow there is!
Mom-The couch, huh? Sounds fun. Means I get to watch TV, right? ;) Please ask the Stake Pres to do it ASAP. I love you!
Aly- Hope you enjoy your conference in Vegas! Have a great week!
Emi- Sorry, didn't mean to embarass you....I hope you have a great week!
Well, I don't know if I wiill be able to write you next week, but I should be able to. Expect a final testimony.
I love you all and will see you next week!

Elder Craig

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